Blue Feather Books and Botanicals, LTD

July 2017

Lama Lobsang

Tibetan Healing - 2 hour sessions on Sunday July 9th 11-1

Yantra Yoga and Gong Clearing - $45 - Space for 12 participants 

Registration is required beforehand! "Yantra Yoga is one of the oldest recorded systems of yoga in the world. It has come to us by the way of Tibet, a land that holds a vast, rich Buddhist knowledge and heritage. Yantra Yoga's unique series of positions and movements, combined with conscious breathing, can help coordinate and harmonize one's energy so that the mind cna relax and find its authentic balance. Tsa is the Tibetan word for channel, and lung is the word for wind (called prana, qi, or chi in other traditions) Tsa Lung is a practice that works intensively with out subtle body. By combining special breath retention techniques with physical movements and visualizations, we move our wind-energy through the body, allowing it to reach deep places and open more subtle channels. When the wind flows freely, this energy can be used for self healing or can be given to others. This workshop will also offer Tibetan Medicine Buddha healing sounds and gongs!"

There are only a few spaces left, call for an appointment ASAP. 

Vince Pitisci
Saturday July 8th and 23rd
Guest Tarot Readings - all day event - Special Pricing for short readings. He is an author and has been reading for 3 decades!

Alessandra Gilioli - Channeled Energy Healing 7 PM on July 14th - $40

                                July 15th - Private Sessions (only 5) - $150

This has been brought back by all of you; the last session was very helpful to those who partook, and we are happy to host space for more of this work! 

Drumming and Healing Journeywork Circle - July 21st - $25
Must register in advance! This is a group practice that will raise your vibrations, send healing energy to the places that need some attention, and the jouneywork practice will aid you in connecting to your soul. Please also bring a mat, eye cover, and instrument (drum or rattle) if you have one. Come clear and raise your vibes, the world needs it. 

Rock, Gem, and Jewelry Show - Saturday July 23 11-4 - Moksha Imports

A new inventory including Blue Amber, Uruguayan Amethyst and Cathedrals 

Risk Everything! Practicum - July 16 

Open to the 2017 participants only! Please call us and let us know that you can make it!

On going events

Shamanic Card Readings with Rhonda Kooy      $75/half hour & $150/one hour


Shamanism is as old as recorded history; every society has used readings since time immortal.  It is a tool used for healing, divination, direction, and clarity.  Rhonda has developed her own system of reading which allows the receiver to move through obstacles with great clarity. 
This is a tool of empowerment, not fortune telling.  Part of the process is to use the information to make movement or change in your life.  Rhonda's intuitive knowledge and empathetic nature, as well as practices in the energy healing and Shamanic training, presents this form of reading much differently from a Tarot reader.  Color, pictures, and life path divination are involved in the reading process.  The clearer the questions, the easier it is to access your answers.
Rhonda will not define your energy, but will help YOU to define what comes up during the reading

To Register for events, please call the store at (708) 352-8481