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April & May 2017

Friday, April 7      7-9 pm      $40

Basics of Essential Oils with Jeannette

Where did these oils come from?  What are their healing properties?  Are there any safety issues?
After taking this workshop, participants will be able to define therapeutic essential oils, know the sources of essential oils, basic healing properties and how to safely use essential oils on a daily basis.  We will discuss several different essential oils such as Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, and Roman Chamomile.  
Participants will make their own nasal inhaler.

Saturday, April  8       Saturday, April 15        Saturday, April 22   

Appointments Only (availability 10:30-4 pm)

$85 per session

Healing Touch with Jeanette

​Healing Touch sessions balance and realign energy flow that has been disrupted by stress, pain or illness.

Healing Touch appointments are available with Jeanette during the week as well, please call for availability. 

Wednesday, April 12         7-10 pm       

Risk Everything....A Mystery School!

*Course is full for 2017*

Friday, April 21         7-8:30 pm           $25
Healing Drumming and Journeywork Circle
Come join us for a night of drumming and healing from 7 until we finish. Please bring a mat and eye bag, no experience needed. We have a few extra drums and rattles, but please bring your own if you own one. PLEASE REGISTER/PREPAY IN ADVANCE.

Saturday, April 22     10-3 pm

10th Annual Des Plaines Earth Day
All are welcome!
Interactive exhibits    *    Peace Fire & Water Ceremony
This event is being held at:
The Historic Methodist Campground
1900 E. Algonquin Road
Des Plaines, IL 60016

Sunday, April 23          12-4 pm (appointments preferred)       $75/30 minutes      $150/60 minutes

Tarot Card Readings with Vince Pitisci

Guest reader & author of The Genius of Tarot-A Guide to Divination with the Tarot

These appointments will fill quickly, so please, reserve your appointment today!

Sunday, April 23    11-4 pm

Rock, Gem & Jewelry Show with Moksha Imports
Back from our biggest buying trip ever!
We will be bringing new inventory to each show.
New inventory including: stones and pendants, featuring Blue Amber from Sumatra, beautiful cut base Uruguayan Amethyst specimens, and new tumbled stones.

About Romulo....
Romulo Lizarraga Valencia is a Quecha Peruvian, born and raised at the base of Machu Picchu.  He grew up on the family farm, learning from his mother the healing and spiritual arts of the ancient Andean people.  Romulo has traveled extensively throughout Peru, working with many local Shamans, Initiates and Healers.  He currently acts as a tour guide, taking people on the Inca trail or to the many sacred sites of his ancestors.  He teaches groups how to perform ceremony, how to heal one's soul and how to create for oneself a more balanced and whole life.  Romulo co-authored the book, Journey to Machu Picchu: Spiritual Wisdom from the Andes in 1996.

Saturday, April 29     7-9 pm      $50

Thursday, May 11      7-9 pm 

Kkarpay Ceremony with Romulo Lizzarga

This group healing ceremony comes from ancient times, in which people receive the clearing of negativity, from our physical and spiritual body.  This ceremony also pulls and removes black energy. This uses ancient holy Palo Santo and aromatic  church incense.  Participants will use rattles and drums during the ceremony to assist in the group healing. Clear quartz crystals from Machu Picchu are then used to seal and protect your spiritual being.  Please note, this ceremony can be smokey.

Sunday, April 30      6-7 pm      $50

​Friday, May 5      6-7 pm        8-9 pm

Wednesday, May 10        6-7 pm       8-9 pm

Star Cosmos Connection Ceremony

with Romulo Lizzaraga & Rhonda Day-Kooy

This deeply spiritual ceremony will connect you to the celestial bodies: the moon, stars, and the ancient shamans of the Andes.  It will allow perfect spiritual alignment with our holy celestial spiritual powers in our mind, aligns us with the constellations of the stars, and puts our physical body in balance with our spirituality.  Participants lay on the floor to     receive and enjoy the healing.  We work with rattles, bells, palo santo and incense.

Sunday, April 30
Friday & Saturday, May 5 & 6
Tuesday-Saturday, May 9-13

Appointment Only          $150

Private Healing Ceremonies with Romulo Lizzaraga
These private sessions come from a lineage of the Incan ancestors.  Romulo will intuit with the help of the Mountain Lords and the Peruvian Spirit Allies what is needed for your specific needs....illness, emotional, and/or spiritual.

Thursday, May 4                   7-9 pm      $50
Friday, May 12                      7-9 pm

Despacho Ceremony with Romulo Lizzaraga
This ceremony connects us to our Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the mountain   spiritual guides (Apukuna).  During this ceremony, you will create offerings for good luck in our jobs, to keep our house and life safe, to energize and protect your spiritual and physical space on Pachamama.  The offerings also ensure your spiritual blessing for good prosperity and abundance for the future. All materials will be provided.

Saturday, May 6      7-9 pm       $40

About the Ekkekko with Romulo Lizzaraga
A fun, informative night...featuring Ekkekko!  He is a traditional Peruvian idol made of clay or stone during the and bad energy from people.  He is a strong idol for business and overall success in life. He brings good prosperity, well being of family, safety for the family and removes negative energies. Ekkekko smokes one cigarette per week, on Tuesday or Friday.  This will be explained during the evening. Due to the fact that Romulo can only bring in a limited quantity of these idols with him from Peru, attendees are VERY limited.

Tuesday, May 9        7-9 pm
$125 Mesa Building       or       $50 Mesa Feeding (current carriers)

Mesa Building & Mesa Feeding with Romulo Lizzaraga
Join us new and experience mesa carriers! This is a ceremony for good luck and overall happiness to create or feed your Peruvian spiritual medicine     bundle.  Participants need to bring a small quadrangular where we will feed the magnetic rocks, seeds of plants, flowers, icons of animals, sun and moon, man and woman, feathers (these items will be provided). Once the ceremony is completed, your mesa needs to be kept on the altar of your home. Daily, you will touch the mesa for good luck and strong energy during the day.

Sunday & Monday, May 7 & 8      
Appointment Only           $200

Bano De Florecimiento (Flower Bath) with Romulo Lizzarga & Rhonda Day-Kooy
Location: Indian Head Park, IL
This is a Peruvian ritual with flowers for cleansing (limpia) all the negativity.  This ritual helps to change your unsuccessful life into successful, full life.  It     increases the vibration of love, success, happiness, new jobs. 
The ritual consist of a shower with the aromatic flowers infused with Peruvian Florida water and rose water at body temperature.  Many flowers are used during this ceremony to increase your vibration and clear your body. 

Participants will wear a tank top/shirt & shorts for privacy during this ceremony.
At time of booking & payment, address of ceremony will be disclosed.

Friday, May 19       7-9 pm     $40    

Totem Animals Channeling & Messages from White Buffalo Woman 

Connect with your totem animal, learn how to work with your totem, experience a mini-shamanic journey, tribal drum & alchemical crystal bowl part sound healing class.

There are TWO private channeling sessions available with Alessandra on Saturday, May 20.  Please call for more information. (708) 352-8481

On going events

Shamanic Card Readings with Rhonda Kooy      $75/half hour & $150/one hour


Shamanism is as old as recorded history; every society has used readings since time immortal.  It is a tool used for healing, divination, direction, and clarity.  Rhonda has developed her own system of reading which allows the receiver to move through obstacles with great clarity. 
This is a tool of empowerment, not fortune telling.  Part of the process is to use the information to make movement or change in your life.  Rhonda's intuitive knowledge and empathetic nature, as well as practices in the energy healing and Shamanic training, presents this form of reading much differently from a Tarot reader.  Color, pictures, and life path divination are involved in the reading process.  The clearer the questions, the easier it is to access your answers.
Rhonda will not define your energy, but will help YOU to define what comes up during the reading

To Register for events, please call the store at (708) 352-8481