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Shamanic Card Readings with Rhonda Kooy      $75/half hour & $150/one hour


Shamanism is as old as recorded history; every society has used readings since time immortal.  It is a tool used for healing, divination, direction, and clarity.  Rhonda has developed her own system of reading which allows the receiver to move through obstacles with great clarity. 
This is a tool of empowerment, not fortune telling.  Part of the process is to use the information to make movement or change in your life.  Rhonda's intuitive knowledge and empathetic nature, as well as practices in the energy healing and Shamanic training, presents this form of reading much differently from a Tarot reader.  Color, pictures, and life path divination are involved in the reading process.  The clearer the questions, the easier it is to access your answers.
Rhonda will not define your energy, but will help YOU to define what comes up during the reading

To Register for events, please call the store at (708) 352-8481

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