Blue Feather Books and Botanicals, LTD

​Rhonda has been gifted with an intuitive nature and developed her own Shamanic card reading system, which she has been invited to share in Arizona, California, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Wisconsin and Illinois. She has been a repeated guest lecturer at DePaul University, College of DuPage, and Northeastern Illinois University (T.E.A.M. Conference) She has spent a great deal of time with her mentor and teacher Dr. Prof. Khamba Lama Natsagdorj (Spiritual Leader in Mongolia), Bon Chod (Buddhist Shamanism) and teacher of Traditional Mongolian Medicine. Rhonda has been immersed in the late Dr. Angeles Arrien's unique teachings and offerings for almost two decades. Rhonda was Angeles' mentee for fourteen years and lives into the work of her teacher, even after her passing in early 2014. Rhonda now works with Dr. Arrien's protege Patrick O'Neil (Extraordinary Conversations). Rhonda has also been facilitating a year long mystery school practice. This is with her life long work alongside philosophers, teachers, Elders, and Shamans from around the globe. Rhonda's year-long program is a cross-cultural, archetypal philosophy based on global indigenous teachings. Rhonda is a 2012 graduate from University of Santa Monica's Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology and weaves all of these features into her private practice .

A Lifetime of Learning, Growing and Evolving.Blue Feather began in 1996 offering services and goods at various eventsand trunk shows across the Chicagoland area.  In 1998 we opened up at our current location and are proud to say that we have been here ever since, We are ready and willing to openly serve the public while searching on their spiritual journey.

Rhonda Day-Kooy is the owner of Blue Feather Books & Botanicals, Ltd., a spiritual teaching and retail center in LaGrange, Illinois  For over three decades she has studied intensively with her Elders and Wisdom Keepers of several different traditions, including Native American, Peruvian traditions of the Andes, and Siberian Shamans.  Rhonda also has training in Medicinal Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, and Spiritual Psychology Coaching, and has been trained in mediation and several other healing modalities.  This has led Rhonda to her own method of Heart Centered Practice.

Rhonda brings a powerful blend of knowledge and humility to her work.  Her talents are offered through private healing sessions, customized aromatherapy regimens, shamanic card readings, custom sprays, spiritual mentoring, Shamanic Healing, and a noted workshop presenter.