Blue Feather Books and Botanicals, LTD

Blue Feather Books & Botanicals, Ltd. will be closing it's doors August 31, 2017.

Dear Sparkles, 

This information is coming to you with a heavy heart and deep contemplation. Blue Feather, as it stands now, will be closing its' doors by the end of August. 

As many of you know, our landlords recently closed their business.  The building has now been sold and we have lost our lease. With that being said, we now are in our own way being moved into a season of change for ourselves. 

We would have been in LaGrange for 20 years in February of 2018.  We wouldn't be in the place if it wasn't for you supporting and shopping with us throughout all these years. We have watched so many students grow and flourish, witnessed life changes, and healings.  All because you let us support you on your journey.

We will be closing by the end of August. We plan to reemerge like the Phoenix from the ashes, transformed and refreshed. Rhonda will be shifting into focusing mainly on her private work and coaching.  This means readings, healings, reflexology and many of our other services will still be available.  We plan on continuing to sell our aromatherapy sprays and healing candles, with a new look.  

You, our dear customers, who really are more than customers, you are our feathered family.  We have taken you in our hearts and the imprints you have made will never be forgotten.  This journey will be hard for us, but we imagine, for some of you too.  Please, stop in to see us before this chapter closes.

There will be emails to come in the upcoming weeks announcing our new unveiling.

Blessings and so much gratitude,

Rhonda & family

Merchandise gift certificates must be redeemed by August 31, 2017. 

“Blue Feather has been such as beautiful place of learning in my life. Those who look only at Blue Feather as a retail store – look deeper. Allow yourself the gift of learning and deeper understanding of your life’s direction by visiting "


-Karen K. 

​All Month: readings,

shamanic and healing work, as well as spiritual counsiling with Rhonda


What Clients Say About Us

“I have been purchasing candles from Blue Feather for many years, they are unmatched by anything else I've ever used. It's not only the candles that are great, but also the rock/gem collections, teas, incense, and selections of various Native American artifacts."


-Stefen R.